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By Mike Heuer

Most people now buy their car insurance plans online, and the General Auto Insurance .net helps them get the best deals on the types of auto insurance they need to protect their vehicles and drive legally on public roadways. But there are so many kinds of car insurance plans available that knowing which is the right one at the best price can be a very hard task to accomplish. Fortunately, this site and its free and secure online car insurance quote tool helps people learn more about the types of car insurance plans they need and learn about common car insurance plans online.

If you finance a vehicle like so many other people do, that means you need a full coverage insurance plan to protect the vehicles against damage, destruction or theft. Full coverage car insurance plans always include collision insurance to protect against potentially colliding with another vehicle or object or the car suddenly loses control on slippery roadways or some other cause and winds up in an accident. In such an instance, collision coverage would repair damages or replace the vehicles minus any deductible amounts that might apply. The same goes for comprehensive insurance for cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles, which helps protect vehicles against other perils, such as vandalism, damage caused by falling objects, such as a tree or collapsed building, or from flooding or other type of peril that could result in a total loss. Even personal belongings and other valuables that might be stolen from the vehicle can be covered by a comprehensive insurance plan for vehicles.

When financing a vehicle, gap insurance coverage can help protect owners against the potential money owed if the vehicle is worth less than what the lender is owed. If a vehicle is totaled and the insurer pays a value that is less than what is owed on it, the lender immediately can demand full payment for the remaining amount owed, including any deductible amounts. But a general auto protection plan, also called Gap insurance, can protect against such potential losses. Loan lease payoff coverage is similar in that is helps pay off what is owed on a leased of financed vehicle to protect personal finances.

Even if a vehicle is not financed, laws in every state require some measure of liability insurance coverage, which pays up to policy limits for injuries to others or damages to their property if involved in an accident or other mishap while driving. Liability coverage pays up to policy limits for injuries and medical care for others up to policy limits. The amount paid for a single person being injured typically is about half of the amount available for medical payments and injuries to more than one person arising from an accident or other covered peril. The property damage amount typically ranges anywhere from as low as $5,000 per accident to about $50,000 or more, as required by law in respective states.

Even when driving with proper levels of car insurance coverage, there still are risks from other motorists, particularly those who have no insurance or not enough to cover potential damages or injuries to others if involved in an accident. Some states have as much as 25 percent of drivers traveling illegally on roadways by not purchasing state mandated minimums of insurance coverage. And even those with the state minimums for liability coverages run the risk of inflicting more damages and cost than the insurance plans cover. In such instances uninsured and underinsured motorists protection can pay the costs of being in an accident in which someone else is at fault but he or she does not have suitable car insurance protection.

And if traveling and the insured vehicle suffers a breakdown of some sort, many motorists find optional emergency road service coverage useful, which can repair a flat tire, jump start a dead battery or put fuel in an empty gas tank. Also useful is towing and labor coverage for when a vehicle can’t be restarted and is in need of a wrecker to get back to a service garage or home where repairs can be done.

No matter the type of car insurance needed, helps consumers learn more about the types of car insurance plans and the insurers offering them so people can make informed decisions and buy the coverage that works best for them.
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